In this episode Jeremy and Ryan discuss recent customer experiences with both Hertz and Kroger.  Through their discussion it is evident that both com...View Details

In this episode Jeremy sits down with itelligence Industry Solution Principal, Brian Everett, to talk about how the manufacturing industry is handling...View Details

Black Friday is a week away and in this episode we sit down to talk about the evolution of one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and how it is...View Details

Hey Google!  Alexa!  Hey Siri!   In this episode we discuss the rise in popularity of smart speakers and voice technology, and the current and future ...View Details

CX Tech: CRM

In this episode we dive into the first in our CX Tech series.  We talk about three different pitfalls and recommendations that should be considered wh...View Details

In this episode we discuss three common barriers that hinder good customer experience, and how to remove them.

CX Winners: Domino’s

In this episode we sit down to talk about Domino's and how they are winning when it comes to CX.

Why Talk About CX?

We are in the midst of a CX revolution and customers are demanding enhanced experience.  In this first episode of The CX Angle, itelligence Corporate ...View Details

The launch of the CX Angle podcast is a few weeks away.  On this podcast Jeremy Cross and Ryan Kubec talk about customer experience and its importance...View Details

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